Figurative Language Idioms Mini Unit FREEBIE

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by Two Sisters Therapy

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Subjects: specialed

Grades: 4,5,6,7

Description: This FREE, MULTI-LEVEL figurative language idioms mini-unit targets 6 common idioms both with and without answer choices. It is designed to help your students master idiomatic language! What's Included? - 6 identifying idioms using context clues cards, - 1 matching idioms cards with 6 questions per page, - 1 fill-in-the-blank Explain It! Idioms task card with 6 fill-in-the-blank questions per page - What is an Idiom? card This BOOM card set is perfect for working on figurative language, co-treats, collaborating with teachers, collecting data, teletherapy, distance learning, or great on it's own! If you enjoyed this FREE deck, then check out the full Figurative Language Idioms Multi-Level Boom card deck in my store!