Reproductive System of Human Body Systems for Middle School

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by The Science Arena

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Subjects: science,lifeScience,anatomy,biology

Grades: 6,7,8,9,10

Description: Easily teach, review and revise reproductive system with this engaging and comprehensive deck of booms cards that will help your students revise and grasp this important unit of human body systems, better. It is a colorful and resourceful, self-assessing and student led learning way to help revise and review important sub-topics of reproduction, fertilization, embryo development and more in a fun way. Students will learn the important concepts of reproductive system as they: 1) Choose the correct answer (multiple choice questions) 2) Drag and drop the correct terms 3) Fill in the Blanks 4) Click ‘True’ or ‘False’ 5) Choose correct labels of the diagram These reproductive system boom cards cover important sub-units like: • Modes of Reproduction – Asexual Reproduction • Modes of Reproduction – Sexual Reproduction • Male Reproductive System • Female Reproductive System • Ovulation and Fertilization • Implantation and Embryo Development • Amnion and Fetus • Developing Embryo • Menstruation • IVF I highly recommend this reproductive system boom cards’ deck for grades 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and for those who are homeschooling. Help your students comprehend the concepts of this important human body system better while they have fun with these interactive activities!