Kindergarten EOY Assessment

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by Leigh's Library

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Subjects: ela,math

Grades: 13,1

Description: CCSSK.CC.A.1, CCSSK.CC.A.2, CCSSK.CC.B.4, CCSSK.CC.B.4a, CCSSK.CC.B.4b, CCSSK.CC.B.5, CCSSK.CC.C.6, CCSSK.CC.C.7, CCSSK.MD.A.1, CCSSK.MD.A.2, CCSSK.OA.A.2, CCSSK.OA.A.4, CSSK.OA.A.5, CCSSK.G.A.2, CCSSRF.K.1d Do you need to gather some quick EOY data on your Kindergarten students? This deck contains 17 Reading Foundation ELA task cards and 17 math task cards. The ELA skills covered include: ⭐️ letter matching ⭐️ beginning sounds identification ⭐️ middle sound identification ⭐️ ending sound identification ⭐️ changing initial sound to create a new word ⭐️ syllables ⭐️ blending sounds (CVC and CVCe) ⭐️ rhyming words ⭐️ sight word recognition The math skills covered include: ⭐️ number sequence ⭐️ counting ⭐️ comparing sets (greater than, less than, equal to) ⭐️ non-standard measurement ⭐️ shape identification (plane and solid) ⭐️ determining number of counters needed to make ten ⭐️ adding ⭐️ subtracting ⭐️ one addition story problem. This End of Year assessment is based on Common Core and other Kindergarten EOY assessments. These task cards can be used for beginning of year review in first grade. There are 34 task cards and one final "good job" card. Audio directions are provided. To see a preview of these Boom Cards click preview. ✨✨You may be interested in the Kindergarten Assessment Bundle (BOY, MOY, EOY) or K-2 Assessment Bundle which features 9 decks perfect for differentiated assessment. There is also a Concepts of Print deck for additional assessment.