Community Helpers Who Questions

by Laura G SLP

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Subjects: receptiveLanguage,specialed,speakingListening

Grades: 0

Description: Do you have students working on wh- questions? This cute deck has 53 total cards with "who" questions about community helpers and careers. Each card has multiple choice options with visuals. Questions can be read or played for listening comprehension. Careers included: soldier, chef, firefighter, farmer, grocer, lifeguard, park ranger, police officer, server, fisherman, gardener, carpenter, coach, crossing guard, construction worker, janitor, librarian, auto mechanic, painter, plumber, teacher, electrician, baker, bus driver, dentist, doctor, flight attendant, mail carrier, tour guide, pilot, nurse, paramedic, veterinarian, train conductor, pharmacist, accountant, architect, butcher, cashier, coder, delivery driver, engineer, garbage collector, mail carrier, realtor, DJ, fashion designer, florist, podcaster, musician, photographer, hairdresser, reporter, yoga teacher