Articulation Fire Fighter Match Game

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by Speechie Trish

Price: 550 points or $5.5 USD

Subjects: articulation,phonology

Grades: 14,13

Description: This Articulation speech therapy fire fighter match game is an interactive activity that targets speech sounds for speech therapy in the initial and final positions of words. 38 pages of match games are played by clicking on the fire hose and a target word magically appears for students to match two same target pictures. The child can work on words, phrases and sentences with their target speech sounds. Included in this activity: 1) The following sounds, B, P, T, D, K, G, F, V, S, Z, L, R , TH, DG, CH, SH, ST, SM, SK, SW, and S Blends Mixed 2) All of the singleton sounds in the initial and final positions of words 3) 38 pages of games for each sound in the positions