Find It Games for St Blend Speech Sound Articulation Practice

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by Bugalugs Early Language Learning

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Subjects: ela,speech,specialed,games

Grades: 0

Description: This deck can be used to facilitate students to learn to produce the st blend in all positions in words. This deck can be used to practice the st blend in single words, in short phrases, in sentences or at the narrative level. Your student can practice the st blend by; 1. Labelling the target words as they find them in the scene. 2. Completing the phrase 'I found a ...' as they find each target word in the scene. 3. Describing where they have found each of the target words in a sentence. 4. Telling you a story about the sound loaded scene. This deck includes four scenes of a bedroom, park, playground and the beach. There are many target words hidden within each scene. The target words are; 10 /st/initial words: stairs, standing, star, starfish, steering wheel, steps, stickytape, stool, stomping and stone. 6 /st/ medial words: drumsticks, jester, monster, plastic, rooster and seamonster, 2 /st/ final words: chest and nest.