Read and Write High Frequency Sight Words | Kindergarten List | Words 27-52 with Sound

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by Play in Primary

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: These summer themed Read and Write High Frequency Sight Word Boom Cards are a fun and engaging resource for beginning readers working on learning their sight words. This deck contains the second half of the high frequency words on the kindergarten sight word list (words 27-52). Students will be able to click the speaker and hear a sight word, then choose the sight word they heard. Next, students will type the sight word to help with memorization, spelling, and fluency. Students receive immediate feedback and will have opportunities to fix their work if they choose an incorrect answer! The high frequency words included in this deck are: 1. out 2. please 3. pretty 4. ran 5. ride 6. saw 7. say 8. she 9. so 10. soon 11. that 12. there 13. they 14. this 15. too 16. under 17. want 18. was 19. well 20. went 21. what 22. white 23. who 24. will 25. with 26. yes