LIFE SKILLS: Predicting Emotions- Feeling Excited or Scared?

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by Atypical Living

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Subjects: speech,pragmatics,socialAspectsOfCommunication,specialed,specialAdults,Special Autism,lifeSkills

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Description: Uncover emotions with our interactive Boom Deck! 46 slides with 23 different scenes. In the first slide, PREDICT THE EMOTION under the covered face expression. Need help? Drag to reveal! Next, sort scenes into "excited" or "scared." The first challenges students to guess the emotion by "reading" the presented scene, allowing them to reveal the face for assistance if needed. This sets the stage for the second slide, where scenes are sorted into "excited" or "scared." Possible goals to target: -Identify emotions -Label emotions -Answer yes/no questions- Does she look sad? -Answer yes/no questions regarding personal experience- "Have you ever dropped your ice cream?" -Answer wh ?s: Where are they? Why do you think he is sad -Describe scenes -Problem solve: “What could they do to feel better?”