Second Grade Sight Words Spelling Set 2

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by Teaching Literacy

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 2,3

Description: Are you looking for a fun and engaging SECOND GRADE sight words SPELLING activity? This resource has 23 self-correcting task cards where students listen to a SECOND GRADE sight word and drag and drop letter tiles to spell it. All of the spoken words are used IN CONTEXT so that word meanings and syntax are reinforced. What’s more, every card is embedded with a button that reads the directions to students! Second Grade Sight Words Used: or; pull; read; right; sing; sit; sleep; tell; their; these; those; upon; us; use; very; wash; which; why; wish; work; would; write; your (I decided to break the second grade list in half so students could work on mastering 23 words at a time as opposed to all 46.) Rating after downloading is greatly appreciated. Yours in Literacy, Sheila ☺