Disguise A Turkey Articulation! {22 phonemes in a variety of positions}

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by Speechbop

Price: 600 points or $6 USD

Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 15

Description: Your students will have fun targeting phonemes in a variety of positions while disguising the turkeys to save them from being eaten on Thanksgiving Day! With 22 phonemes in a variety of positions, it's the only Boom Deck you will need this Thanksgiving! This product includes: -16 phonemes in initial, medial and final positions {m, b, p, k, g, t, d, f, v, l, r, s, z, th, ch, sh} -6 S Blends all in initial positions {Sk, Sp, Sl, Sm, Sn, St} -Fun moveable clothes and props can be dragged to "cover up and disguise" each turkey! -55 pages of fun **I like to screen shot the turkeys when my students are done to create a colorful keepsake to hang in my classroom or send home for enjoyment!** This product is perfect for: -Articulation therapy -Speech Therapy -Increasing phonemic awareness -Auditory Bombardment -All levels of articulation (single words can be used in short phrases and sentences) -Thanksgiving activities -A digital companion to the book "Turkey Trouble" -A fun and colorful keepsake to hang in the classroom or send home!