Oh Yeah Open Syllable Exception 5.5 Aligned Part 2

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by Schwa Sense

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Subjects: specialed

Grades: 4,5,6,7,8

Description: Syllable division rules for open syllables in multi-syllabic words FOCUSED! This interactive dictation boom deck aligns with sub-step 5.5 of a very popular researched-based phonetic/phonemic explicit phonics program. Spelling & reading practice instant feedback reading 3-4 syllable words with at least one open syllable exception. 1 consonant is between 2 vowels closing in the first syllable or going with the second syllable; y as a vowel;; compound words with open syllables; open syllables at end of word; more than one consonant between 2 vowels; open syllables + syllable with schwa; open syllable prefixes with complex base word AND SO MUCH MORE! These words are often more challenging to spell. As always the more repetitions a student is able to have with these words the better. Skills in this Boom Deck are cumulative and spiral back to previously introduced concepts. Previously taught skills are brought forward cumulatively This deck includes only those concepts taught as well as those previously taught steps of this most popular research-based explicit phonemic phonetic reading program.