Valentine's Day First Grade Reading Review.

by Sunealitis

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Subjects: ela,reading

Grades: 1

Description: 100 Cards!!!! This is a large review of foundational skills for first grade. It can be used for enrichment in kindergarden or remediation in second grade. This was created for a review before taking MAPS testing. The following skills are included: Concept of Print -Sort uppercase vs. lowercase -Counting words in a sentence -Identify where to begin reading on a page -Identify and use table of contents -Identify and use a glossary Rhyming Words -Choose rhyming word (in, un, op, ig, ail, it,) -Choose rhyming word with different spelling (you/to/blue, toe/low) Spelling =Sort vowel teams for each long vowel sound (ay, ai, ie, igh.....) -Spell words with blends/digraphs -Choose correct r-controlled spelling Sounds -Identify initial sound =Identify word with different final sound -Identify word with different initial sound -Change initial sound to make new word -Delete final sound to make new word -Sort words by long vs. short vowel sound -Identify correct digraph of a word (wh, ch, sh, th, ph) Prefixes & Suffixes -Sort words with suffix s, ed, ing -Sort words with prefix re, pre, un Syllables -Explanation of Syllable Types -Separate words into two syllables Contractions -had not, has not, we have, I have you are, is not, you have, should not Fact or Opinion -Select fact or opinion for sentences Sentence Analysis -Punctuation -Capitalization -Apostrophe -Type of sentence Homophones -Select correct word for each sentence (by, bye, buy)