Mother's Day Vocabulary and Phonics

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by Dynamic Learning

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Subjects: ela,reading,foundationalSkills,litReadingComprehension,eslVocab,mothersDay

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: These vocabulary activities are great for building thematic or content vocabulary! There are real photos of the words so that makes it helpful to make connections for your ESL learners, young learners and SPED students. The 5 words Mother's Day, affection, special, honor, and appreciate are from our Mother's Day Reader Boom that is a great addition to this resource. You can use these vocabulary activities before the book or as a follow-up to the book. That way your students will read the words in context which helps with reading comprehension. There are literacy activities that follow the words in this comprehensive vocabulary resource. There is a definition of the word. Students are asked to type the syllables after they clap them, a phonetic part of the word is taught, a question is asked and then students are asked to drag a fun pointer to that part. They are also asked to drag a pointer to the word in a sentence that is read to them. All cards have audio for your students, . There is also a writing activity at the end if you want to ask your students to use the words in writing. We found that having thematic words that relate to each other helped our students stay on topic in their writing. Their writing skills really improved as well as their vocabulary development. As you can probably tell, vocabulary is a passion of ours. We also have a printable version with printable word wall cards that we like to use in a writing center. There is also a book, and worksheets.