Number Word Match 10-20 Valentine's Day Snails

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by Monday Morning Resources

Price: 220 points or $2.2 USD

Subjects: math,specialed

Grades: 13,1

Description: Number Word Match 10-20 Valentine's Day Snails is a cute Boom Deck with colourful, cute clipart to engage your students in practising their number word recognition skills. This deck focuses on numbers ten to 20 and is great for students who are ready to move on from counting to 10. Students read the word in the box and then click on the matching snail. An example card is included for students. These self-checking boom decks show a correct answer with a green circle and errors with red circles. Students are given another chance to choose a correct answer. This is an Australian made resource aligned with the Foundation Years Curriculum. This can also be used with older students with additional learning needs. Boom Decks are fantastic for remote learners as well as whole class warm ups, maths rotations, revision or homework used on devices with a internet connection. Thank you for considering this resource for your students.