Multiple Meaning Words | Speech Therapy | Real Photos

by Target Every Goal Speech Therapy

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Subjects: expressiveLanguage,receptiveLanguage

Grades: 0

Description: This deck targets 30 multiple meaning words (homonyms), providing the therapist/educator opportunities to give optional verbal and visual cues as needed to scaffold students' learning. Each word has a card that asks the student/therapist to write 2 definitions of the target word. This card also contains buttons to access both verbal and visual cues: - Verbal cues: Illustrative sentences that help students derive the different meanings of the word with context - Visual cues: Pictures that depict the various meanings of the word, featuring all real photos. The 30 words are split up into sets of 10-- a more manageable number to target at once. I recommending targeting one set at a time to mastery before starting on the next set. Also includes a "Draw and Write Your Own" section-- blank cards with space for students to draw/write their own definitions for any multiple meaning word you choose. Includes tabs that list the words from sets 1, 2, and 3 of this deck in case you would like to use this feature as a post-test assessment after working with students to see how they do independently. 9 copies included (could not add a full 10 due to the 100 card limit!) Note: This deck is NOT self-checking, and while specific verbal and visual cues are provided, correct/incorrect answers are not explicitly stated. This deck is intended to be used for teaching and practicing multiple meaning words with a therapist/educator to guide students as they explore alternate definitions of words.