Letter Z - Recognition, Building and Sounds

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by Marsha McGuire - Differentiated Kindergarten

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: This deck contains 29 cards to help students recognize and practice identifying the letter s and the /a/ sound. This set covers everything from letter discrimination, letter building, sorting, and sound. Every page includes verbal instructions as well as verbal cues to identify the pictures on each page. This is especially helpful for students with limited vocabulary or who are learning English. Included in this deck: 1 Sorting Laundry: Capital and lowercase letters 1 Popping Bubbles: Identifying the letter 1 Sorting Candy: Identifying letters 4 Collecting Shells: Identifying beginning letter sounds. 6 Fetch the pail: Identifying beginning letter sounds 3 Feed the Mouse: Identifying beginning letter sounds 12 Build the Letter: with pompoms, stickers, legos, building blocks, pattern blocks and snap cubes.