Expanding Utterances: Where Questions with Spatial Concepts Goodnight Moon Activity

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by SpeechRUS

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Subjects: ela,speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Students are presented with items from the book Goodnight Moon. Students are asked "where" questions such as "where is the mouse" or "where is the balloon." Students are provided with a carrier phrase to help expand their sentences as they answer the "where" questions about the location of the items. Students are give a carrier phrase at the bottom of the screen (i.e. the ___ is ___ the ___). Students are given 2 visual choices per blank box to help them drag and drop the correct item into the correct place of the sentence starter. Students are asked to follow 1-step directions with the following spatial concepts: - in front - behind - on - under - next to - in between Some of the following IEP goals can be targeted during this activity: - Wh- questions - Identifying Basic concepts (e.g. Spatial Concepts) - Expanding Utterances and increasing MLU