Feed the Cat Articulation Activity

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by Gab with Gab

Price: 300 points or $3 USD

Subjects: articulation

Grades: 0

Description: The cat is very hungry! Feed it food as you practice your speech sounds. Have your students drag the food into the hungry speech pal’s mouth to reveal hidden target word. This product is highly engaging and can be used for in-person speech therapy sessions, teletherapy sessions, or sent home for additional practice. This activity can easily be incorporated into cat, animal, or pet-themed speech sessions. This interactive product contains sound effects (chewing, biting, and burping) that your students will find hilarious. This activity is a no-prep, no-print activity, making it the perfect activity for busy SLPs. What’s included? This product contains 86 practice cards for the following sounds: B, P, M, D, T, N, G, K, CH, J, SH, F, V, TH, S, Z, L in all positions H, W, PREVOCALIC R in initial positions ALL R-BLENDS, L-BLENDS, and S-BLENDS in initial positions VOCALIC -AR, -ER, -OR, -AIR, -EAR, -IRE mixed positions 3-SYLLABLE and 4-SYLLABLE words Each Boom Card contains 10 target words, making it easy to achieve high repetitions.