Decodable Sentences with Blends & Digraphs (th, sh, ch)

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by 1plus1plus1

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1

Description: Decodable sentences featuring blends and digraphs: CH, TH, SH This set was created to be used as a supplemental activity with All About Reading Level 1 after the completion of lesson 24/25. See more about All About Reading here: Read the sentence and click on the picture that goes with the sentence. 14 cards included. High-Frequency Words included: the, is, a Decodable words with blends: last, went, past, desk, belt, gift, raft, lost, help, milk, lost, quilt, sand, elk, fast, pond, ant, dent, limp, past, elf Decodable SH words included: fish, Josh, shop Decodable CH words included: bench, lunch, Chad, Chip, Chimp Decodable TH words included: that, Beth Printable activities to complement this online learning activity can be found at in the Digraph section!