6th Grade Drama Vocabulary Flash Cards

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by Reading Past Bedtime-Norma Lewis

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Grades: 6

Description: Let's start drama using must-know 6th grade vocabulary. The vocabulary has been carefully selected using the 2019 TEKS that students may encounter on test questions or necessary when studying drama as a genre. The first 7 cards are definitions of the vocabulary words that are used throughout the deck for a total of 50 words! The first set of 7 cards have the word/phrase and an image to help students remember the concept/word. This deck of flashcards for drama uses many of the same vocabulary words used in my free fiction deck to spiral the words throughout the year along with new vocabulary words unique to drama. No prep for you- just assign and go! Words included: Alliteration Actor’s Lines Analogy Author’s Message Author’s Purpose Cast of Characters Climax Cultural Setting Dialogue Epilogue Excerpt Exposition External Response Falling Action Figurative Language Flashback Genre Graphic Features Historical Setting Inference Internal Response Key Ideas 3rd Person Limited Point of View Logical Fallacy Mental Image Metaphor Mood Narrator Narrative Poem 3rd Person Omniscient Point of View Paraphrase Personification Playwright Plot Plot Elements Poet Print Features Refrain Prologue Prop Resolution Rhetorical Device Rhyme Rhythm Rising Action Scene Sensory Language Setting Stage Directions Staging Summary Symbol Text Evidence Text Features Text Structure Theme Voice