Winter Plural Nouns for Speech Therapy

by Target Every Goal Speech Therapy

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Subjects: holiday,firstDayOfWinter,speech,expressiveLanguage,receptiveLanguage,articulation,phonology

Grades: 0

Description: Use this deck in speech language therapy sessions to help your students learn and practice regular plural nouns using a fun winter theme! This deck works great both for students working on plurals as a grammar goal as well as for students working on articulation/phonology goals such as final /s/, final /s/ blends, and final /z/! For many students, these two areas overlap and you can use this resource to treat language/artic simulateneously. The deck contains 2 parts: LEARN-- 7 teaching cards to aid you in teaching students the concept of plural nouns. Covers why they are used and how they are formed (/s/, /z/, and /ez/ endings). 10 cards PRACTICE-- -- Fill in the blank: Cards feature pictures with a corresponding sentence. Students must decide whether the blank in the sentence should be filled with a singular or plural noun and drag the correct word to the sentence. Incorporates singular nouns and regular plural nouns with /s/, /z/ and /ez/ endings. Contrasting singular vs. plural helps the students understand WHY they are putting the s/z/ez ending on the target word. 20 cards. -- Make your own sentence: Drag the items onto the scene and type your own sentences with plural nouns in the box at the bottom. There are 3 different scenes to use and 5 copies of each scene-- you can make sentences to describe each picture on its own, or you can use the scenes one after another to create a story!