Main Idea and Supporting Details

by Minds in Bloom

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Subjects: ela,reading,informationalText,litReadingComprehension,keyIdeasAndDetails,keyIdeasInferences,themesAndMainIdeas

Grades: 3,4,5

Description: Use these paragraph cards to help your students identify the main idea and identify relevant supporting details. Each card features a high-interest nonfiction (informational ) paragraph. On the first card (labeled "a") students must select the correct main idea of the passage. On the next card (labeled "b") students are presented with the same paragraph, but must now select which supporting detail could be added to the paragraph. Students will be more successful on this card if they keep the main idea of the passage in mind. While all of the choices may be loosely related to the topic, only one is focused enough to support the main idea. There are 16 unique paragraphs, each repeated on 2 consecutive cards for a total of 32 cards. Also available with audio support.