Suffixes Riddle Activity

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by Ann Fausnight

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 3,4

Description: This fun baseball riddle practices noun suffixes that create names for people. Students use “click the answer” to add the correct endings (-er, -ist, or –ian) to work, art, magic, science, jewelry, library, preach, piano, farm, and comedy to make words name a person or profession. Ten question cards give the students the 10 letters for the riddle. After choosing the correct ending on each question card, students move on to the riddle page. The riddle page is completed one letter at a time like Hangman or Wheel of Fortune™. Students drag and drop the letter or letters to the spaces numbered with the previous slide number. The answer box with the correct ending gives students the letter to add to the riddle for each turn. These letters are highlighted, and a reminder is on each page to help the students in paying attention to the clue.