Winter Articulation Cariboo Game

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by Jennie Rametta

Price: 450 points or $4.5 USD

Subjects: speech,games,articulation,holiday,firstDayOfWinter

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: This Comprehensive Winter articulation cariboo game targets /K, G, F, V, S, Z, R, L, SH, CH, TH, DJ/ Initial Blends as well as Vocalic R /ER, AR, OR, AIR, EAR, IRE/. Speech therapy clients practice articulation targets while searching for five hidden snowflakes. Whoever finds the most snowflakes gets to reveal the hidden treasure. All of the visuals are moveable, which allows for an unlimited amount of replays! THIS RESOURCE INCLUDES 64 Unique Game Boards 12 Speech Sounds: K, G, F, V, S, Z, R, L, SH, CH, TH, DJ 7 S Blend Boards: SK, SP, ST, SL, SM, SN, SW 6 Vocalic R Boards: ER, AR, OR, AIR, EAR, IRE 2 Additional Phoneme Blends: L Blends, R Blends