Pirate adventure! (EAT fruit, make the pirate ship GO, and more!)

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by BabbleBee Speech

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: This pirate adventure starts with a snack for each friend, helping each friend get in the pirate ship, sailing around obstacles, and then finding the treasure on an island! Here is what I have targeted with my littles: Eating activity: Labeling fruits Making choices between two fruits Producing words or phrases: "eat" "eat apple" "eat the apple" "I want apple" Answering questions: where is the fruit? "On the table"/what is he doing? "He is eating"/what did he do? "He ATE the apple" Getting in the ship: 2-word phrase "get in" Where is the boy? "In the boat/pirate ship" Sailing through the water: "go" or "go boat" "Look out!" Story retell: For your older kiddos, target sequencing/story-retelling! Talk about what happened first, then, next, and last (ate a snack, got in the pirate ship, sailed through obstacles, made it to the island, found the treasure!) Tons of possibilities with this one! Have fun!