Speech Therapy Articulation Game Boards for THANKSGIVING | TURKEYS IN DISGUISE

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by Renee Brown SLP

Price: 750 points or $7.5 USD

Subjects: speech

Grades: 1,2,3,4

Description: The ORIGINAL BOOM CARDS ARTICULATION BOARD GAMES WITH PHONEME IMAGES AND TEXT! Help your turkey make it past Thanksgiving safely! If your turkey gets caught, you must go back two spaces! TURKEYS IN DISGUISE is a FUN and ENGAGING Thanksgiving themed articulation game that targets a variety of phonemes in all word positions! Students pick from one of the disguised turkey movable pieces to travel across the game board. ARTICULATION TARGETS- k, g, f, v, s, z, sh, ch, j, l, th, r, Initial Prevocalic /r/ (text only) initial mixed R-blends for cr, gr, dr, fr, br, initial L-Blends S-blends- sm, sp, sk, st, sl- (INITIAL POSITION ONLY) *Included open-ended game board to target any speech and language goal. Perfect for mixed groups! For each phoneme (excluding s-blends)-One page initial, one page medial, one page final, one page mixed. *Note- there are a total of 25 targets per word position. There are a total of 10 different words per word position. Some words are used more than once to reach a total of 25 productions per board game. Pair this with a free online digital spinner! This download includes the board game and movable pieces only. HOW TO USE: Game- Students will drag the movable images from "START" throughout the game board. Students will say the word that they land on. Use the home button (actual picture of a house) to return to the list of targeted phonemes!