Groundhog Prepositions & Pronouns Freebie!

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by Sparkle Speechie

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Subjects: sel,speech,specialed,language

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Great Groundhogs Pronouns and Prepositions Freebie contains self-correcting expressive and receptive activities for morphology / syntax of gender pronouns, with preposition practice, ready to play! Text is read on every content card to allow for independent practice as well as use in live therapy sessions. You get: Introduction: Short 3-card introduction to Phil & Phillis and gender pronouns. 10 Bonus “Where" questions; Listen for pronouns and click on the correct groundhog. This section is exclusive to this freebie deck and is not part of the fill paid product. This freebie product contains one sample question from each level: Expressive Level 1: Answer “who” questions with correct pronouns (choice of 3). One groundhog pictured at a time. Expressive Level 2: Answer “who” questions that require attention to prepositions in addition to the pronoun (choice of 3). Two groundhogs pictured in different locations. Expressive Level 3: Answer “Who’s” questions (choice of 3). Receptive Level 1: One-step directions, drag & drop with pronouns and prepositions. Receptive Level 2: Two-step directions, drag & drop with pronouns and prepositions. Open-ended drag & drop: 5 open-ended cards. give your own directions or use as a simple barrier game by alternately sharing screens. Fun purpose-made 3-D style graphics translate difficult-to-picture language concepts clearly. The full product contains 101 cards. That’s a ton of practice! Thanks for looking, -Leslie