Pick The Perfect Peep Artic Game: R Sound

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by ChelSLP

Price: 150 points or $1.5 USD

Subjects: speech,holiday,games,firstDayOfSpring,easter

Grades: 0

Description: **This game contains the /r/ sound only- bundle and other sounds for purchase coming soon!** Pick the perfect peep!! Get in up to 270 trials of this sound while having tons of fun playing this spring or Easter themed game! See instructions below. Directions: Click the "home" button to select which position you would like to begin with. Have your student(s) practice producing a word in either isolation, phrases, or sentences on a peep before clicking it. Keep clicking until you find the perfect peep! There are 6 game boards per sound position for a total of 18 rounds of play. Each board contains 15 words- 90 trial opportunities per sound position, 270 opportunities total!