AR and OR Vowel-R Lessons

by High Hopes

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Subjects: ela,games,reading,conventionsOfStandardEnglish,vocabAcquisitionAndUse,foundationalSkills,litReadingComprehension

Grades: 0

Description: AR and OR are two of the few Vowel-R combinations that make the sound expected of them when accented. In this lesson, students are given the rule on the first slide and then receive 32 more slides to fine tune their skills and knowledge of AR and OR. The first game is a 16-piece puzzle with pictures. Students listen to the word by clicking on the sound button in the box and then choose the correct picture that matches. As a student gets the answers correct a surprise picture emerges. In the second activity, a student listens to the sound icon in the elephant's thought bubble and then drags and drops the letters in correct order to spell the AR or OR word. This resource is perfect for tutoring, digital centers, paperless assignments, and digital learning to name a few. This lesson aligns with the Barton Reading and Spelling program, Book 7 Lesson 1.