Find It Games for Sp Blend Speech Sound Articulation Practice

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by Bugalugs Early Language Learning

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Subjects: ela,speech,specialed,games

Grades: 0

Description: This deck can be used to facilitate students to learn to produce the /sp/ speech sound blend. This deck can be used to practice the /sp/ blend, in single words, in short phrases, in sentences or at the narrative level. Your student can practice the /sp/ speech sound blend by; 1. Labelling the target words as they find them in the scene. 2. Completing the phrase 'I found a ...' as they find each target word in the scene. 3. Describing where they have found each of the target words in a sentence. 4. Telling you a story about the sound loaded scene. This deck includes four scenes of a bedroom, park, playground and the beach. There are many target words hidden within each scene. The target words are; 10 /sp/ words: gasping, spaceman, spade, spaghetti, spelling, spider, spiky, spilling, spoon and spots.