Do You Like...? Core Word Phrases Song Companion

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by The Speechie Frenchie

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Subjects: sel,speech,specialed,language

Grades: 14,13

Description: Here's a fun, repetitive, interactive activity that can be used to work on a variety of speech and language skills including: - asking questions to gain information about food preference (Do you like ____?) -answering questions using sentence strips (yes I do, no I don't) -increasing comprehension of and use of "yes/no" -increasing MLU and phrase length using repetitive visual supports -teaching CORE WORDS! with tons of opportunities for modeling/use in phrases and simple sentences/questions Great to use with Super Simple's Do You Like Broccoli song series on YouTube. On each card, one food disappears into her mouth and one remains in sight. You can pretend Rosie likes the food that disappears when dragged and dropped to her mouth, and that she doesn't like the food that remains visible. However, this activity is super open-ended so you can easily use it a bunch of ways depending on your students and their goals!