Parts of Speech ESCAPE ROOM

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by Erin J Murray

Price: 350 points or $3.5 USD

Subjects: ela,elaLanguage,conventionsOfStandardEnglish,knowledgeOfLanguage

Grades: 4,5,6

Description: Use this fun filled escape room activity to give your student's more practice with parts of speech. There are 4 sections (7 cards in each section) that students will navigate through including: *defining the type of speech *finding the type of speech in a sentence *best word that fits the sentence *what type of speech is the underlined word (parts of speech covered: noun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction, pronoun) For each section there will be a lock to solve at the end of the section in order to move on to the next set of cards. This deck is set up so that each answer must be correct in order to move on. Don't worry, each lock card has a hint to help students if they are stuck! This is a great way to review parts of speech as well as giving students opportunities to use critical thinking.