Classifying and Sorting Objects and Comparing Numbers Math Review Game Show

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by The Viral Teacher

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Subjects: games,math,comparisons,classificationAndProperties,properties

Grades: 13,1

Description: For this math review game show, your kindergarten students will practice classifying objects into given categories (color, shape, size), comparing numbers and objects to 20, and describing measurable attributes. With this Boom Cards math game, you can increase student participation and motivation and encourage teamwork and healthy competition among students. K.CC.C.6, K.CC.C.7, K.MD.A.1, K.MD.A.2, K.MD.B.3 The activities included are Common Core aligned. The categories in the game include: -Compare to 10 -Compare to 20 -Classify Objects -Attributes -Compare Objects Questions? I have answers! Email me at for questions.