French ER Verbs in Present Tense

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by French with the Hobbs

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Subjects: language,instructionalFrench,nativelanguage,nativeFrench

Grades: 8,9,10,11

Description: French students can practice present tense ER verbs with this 30-card deck. All cards are in French. Students will read, write and listen. The cards are randomized but include lower and higher order thinking skills. Students will: --Drag conjugations to corresponding subjects --Listen to a conjugation and choose all corresponding subject pronouns --Choose conjugation of given verb in sentence --Write the conjugation of the given verb --Choose the correct verb and conjugation based on the context of the sentence The verbs include: regarder, ├ęcouter, parler, danser, chanter, adorer, jouer, aimer, dessiner, sauter, arriver Other decks that correlate to this ER deck: --French IR Verbs in Present Tense --French RE Verbs in Present Tense This deck is part of the bundles: --Regular French Verbs in the Present Tense (ER, IR, RE) --French Present Tense Verbs Bundle Do you have a specific vocabulary list or deck request we could customize for you? Email us at !