Life Skills - Grocery Shopping - Buying the Right Grocery Items - Special Education - UNIT TWO

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by Life Skills Creations

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Subjects: edtech,ela,speech,specialed

Grades: 2,3,4,5,6

Description: Have you ever been to the grocery store and found yourself closely reading the labels of items to make sure you are buying the right one? Phrases like "low sodium," "organic," "diet," etc. all make a huge difference in the type of product that you are purchasing! Help your students practice this very important life skill with this fun and interactive download! This activity provides students with a variety of shopping prompts and then has students select the right item from a visual list of items that look similar. Students need to read the labels carefully to make sure they are buying the correct kind. This is an excellent, age-appropriate activity to practice functional reading skills that students will need in the real world! A total of THIRTY different prompts are provided in this unit. This is UNIT TWO of a three part series. Make sure to check out the other units as well!