Cause and Effect If-Then Story 4 Book

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by A-Ha! Speech Lab

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Learn about CAUSE and EFFECT with this interactive "If-Then” story - Book 4 of the series! This book has more ABSTRACT language and ideas than Books 1-3, like "might" "become" and "imagination". Can you also find all the ASL signs? This simple, goofy story is filled with language values, such as: - VERBS - PREDICTIONS (What will happen?) - WHY? (Why did it happen?) - FACIAL EXPRESSIONS and EMOTIONS The deck features: - A vocabulary preview page - Answer choices for scaffolding - A tab to hide the answer choices - Sound effects ◆◆ Reproducing any part of this deck is STRICTLY prohibited ◆◆ Have FUN!