Thanksgiving Guess The Word Open-Ended Activity

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by Seldom Speechless

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Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 15

Description: Thanksgiving Guess the Word Activity Directions: The goal of the game is to guess the secret word before the entire turkey is put together. Answer Key (look at the number at the bottom of the card): 1. apple pie 2. cornucopia 3. leftovers 4. wishbone 5. cranberry sauce 6. mayflower 7. stuffing 8. family 9. harvest 10. pilgrim 11. feast 12. dessert 13. november 14. mashed potatoes 15. casserole 16. gravy 17. wampanoag 18. football 19. recipe 20. gobble You can use the skip, previous, and overview buttons to skip around and try different cards. Use the number on the bottom right of the card to look up the answer in the answer key.