Gettysburg Address Quiz Abraham Lincolon Test Prep

by Integrated ELA Test Prep

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Subjects: ela,socialstudies

Grades: 7,8,9,10

Description: This BOOM Cards Reading Comprehension Test Prep Quiz uses the Common Core standards and contains reading test prep QUESTIONS and ANSWERS modeled after various state reading exams for the "Gettysburg Address" by Abraham Lincoln! This quiz is helpful for middle or high school students in preparing for all kinds of exams that they will encounter. With this EASY-TO-USE Boom Learning Quiz, you can practice with your students, so they will feel more confident on reading tests and quizzes! JUST ASSIGN & TEACH IN BOOM LEARNING! Types of Questions: Multi-Select Multiple Choice 2 Part Questions This product includes the following: A copy of the speech in Google Slides(TM) and in the BOOM Cards Quiz 15 Test Prep Questions and Answers Covers Central Idea, Theme, Words/Phrases, Citing Evidence, Author's Claims, Author's Purpose, & Structure Read the passage >>>