Speech Therapy for Articulation & Apraxia Thanksgiving Speech Mazes for High Repetition Practice

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by Renee Brown SLP

Price: 750 points or $7.5 USD

Subjects: speech

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: Easily obtain high productions per phoneme with this ENGAGING and THOROUGH resource! Using their best speech sounds, students say all the words on the page. Next, students drag a small pumpkin from start to finish stopping at each "X" to practice their target words. Three different mazes throughout. Initial position: acorn, medial position: pumpkin, final position: turkey. Each goal is paired with repetitive drills and Thanksgiving/Fall themed mazes. APRAXIA TARGETS: VC, VC, CVC (6 total mazes) ARTICULATION TARGETS: (initial, medial, and final positions) P B M N T D K G F V S Z SH CH J L TH R Initial (mixed) blends only: L-BLENDS, R-BLENDS (2 mazes each) Initial S-Blends- SM SP SK ST SL (10 total mazes)