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by AUsome Adolescents

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Subjects: edtech,specialed

Grades: 3,4,5,6

Description: VOCATIONAL- OFFICE TASKS SEQUENCE- LIFE SKILLS -- COLLATE BY COLOR, LINE UP, CLIP, AND FILE. Deck includes: --- "Sign In/Out" Front Page --- sign name and time "in" + time "out" at end --- 4-Step Sequence of Office Tasks --- Sequence repeats 5 times (students are prompted to complete 5 times across 5 different sets of visual directions-- same skill, different colors) --- visual directions on all slides Each 4-step sequence is split into 4 separate slides (students complete ONE step per slide... then move to the next page). Visual directions are presented on EVERY SLIDE. *** Optional SIGN IN with name and time before beginning Step 1: Collate papers by color (move papers into boxes to order based on visual directions) Step 2: Line mixed papers up on a table so they are exactly on top of each other (only step that is not SELF-CHECKING) Step 3: Place paper clip in correct location on lined up paper pile Step 4: Move clipped paper pile into a desktop paper file ***OPTIONAL "Sign out" with time at end Great way to practice this skill virtually or before doing in-vivo in the classroom or at home. ENJOY! Also check out tons of other VOCATIONAL JOB SKILLS tasks in my Boom Store --- stocking shelves --- collating --- packaging --- filing books in library --- filing paper/folders in cabinets ....and more!