Big Mack Single Cell Voice Output Device

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by Speech Language League

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 15

Description: I created these to simulate activating a Big Mack digitally. ğŸŽ¯Touch the Big Mack. 👉This will activate the voice. 👉Click NEXT. The picture can be used to begin teaching meaning of the words (optional). 👉Therapists | Teachers | Parents: After the student activates the Big Mack Switch, the adult with the student should give the student the item on the following page (food, drink, etc.). If the student is highly motivated by ONE item during a session, such as food, you may just stay on the same page and request an item repeatedly. This activity will target: ğŸŽ¯Cause & Effect (The idea that when you activate the Big Mack switch, something happens ) ğŸŽ¯Requesting : Learning that when you activate the Big Mack switch you get a desired item. ğŸŽ¯Combining two words : MORE + desired item ğŸŽ¯Vocabulary: food, drink, toys, music, tv, reading, hugging, singing ğŸŽ¯Pointing Skills: Looking for a specific item (Big Mack) and touching it. It can be with a full hand like you access a real Big Mack button; but you can also model pointing. **A note about access-- ✅Selecting with a single finger or multiple fingers will activate the switch on an ipad. ✅Selecting with the whole will activate the switch as long as the fingertips are touching the ipad. ✅Selecting with the LIPS and the NOSE will activate the switch on an ipad (but side of face and chin did NOT work for me) ✅You can activate the switch with your bare TOES but it will not work with a whole foot without toes touching.