Sentence Building| Active Declaratives with Negation

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by The Therapy Crate

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Subjects: ela,elaLanguage,expressiveLanguage

Grades: 5,6,7,8

Description: Promote syntax building with these 30 sentence anagrams. Each slide focuses on drag and drop words that form an active declarative sentence with negation. Students drag words to spaces at the bottom of the slide to form grammatical sentences. Hint: Look for capitalized words to start sentences. Press "submit" to check your answer. You'll hear a 'ding' if correct and 'oops' if you need to try again. Each slide indicates which words are in error. Click "NEXT" to go to the next slide. Practice additional language skills: Discuss parts of speech Ask if the words could form a question Discover student background information of sentence topic Look for multiple meaning words, synonyms, antonyms Ask for students to provide additional descriptives or actions Practice articulation and fluency: Students identify words with their target sounds Reading level practice Q and A level practice Common core language standards ELA5W2c, ELA5W3c, ELA5L1a, ELA5L1e, ELA6Wc, ELA6L3a, ELA7W1c, ELA7L1a, ELA8W1c, and ELA8L1b.