Thanksgiving Beginning Sounds Uncover the Pictures

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by Annie's ABC's and 123's

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Subjects: thanksgivingUS,phonics,foundationalSkills,ela

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: 30 Fun Boom Cards with 3 Secret Pictures and Audio When using the audio button, students will hear the name of the picture... then be instructed to click on the letter that the picture begins with, except for letter X (box), they will be instructed to click the letter box ends with. As students click the correct answers, the letter boxes will disappear until a complete picture is revealed. When students find the uncovered picture they will be congratulated and directed to click the word go to continue until the end of the deck. Cards 1 - 10 - Uncover Picture 1 Cards 11 - 20 Uncover Picture 2 Cards 21 - 30 Uncover Picture 3 The complete Alphabet is featured, and the letter D is covered twice.