Interactive Reader- Fun Day at the Beach

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by kzm4boom

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: A beginning reader with predictable text and picture support. This is an interactive text with an arrow for tracking the words and a focus on highlighting the sight word "have" throughout the text. It is part of a bundle set, the beginning reader version does not include the interactive components that this version includes. Slide 1- I have on my hat. Slide 2 I have on my sun glasses. Slide 3- I have on my flip flops. Slide 4- I have my floatie. Slide 5- I have my beach ball. Slide 6- I have my bucket and shovel. Slide 7- I have my towel and sun block. Slide 8- And I have my umbrella. Slide 9- We will have a fun day at the beach.