Feed the Leprechaun Articulation Activity

by Gab with Gab

Price: 300 points or $3 USD

Subjects: articulation

Grades: 0

Description: Practice articulation sounds with this St. Patrick's themed Boom Cards set! Drag the chocolate into the Leprechaun's mouth. Under the marshmallows are pictures of words with target articulation sounds! Included in this activity are: The following sounds in all positions: B, P, M, D, T, N, G, K, CH, SH, J, TH, SH, F, V, S, L Prevocalic R Vocalic AR, ER, OR, EAR, IRE, AIR, Mixed S Blends, SK Blends, SM Blends, SN Blends, SP Blends, ST Blends, SW Blends Mixed L Blends, BL Blends, FL Blends, GL Blends, KL Blends, PL Blends, SL Blends Mixed R Blends, BR Blends, DR Blends, FR Blends, GR Blends, KR Blends For a total of 81 practice cards with 10 target sounds per slide!