Order of Operations - mixed operations | MATH MAZE | Operations Puzzle Game

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by GameWise

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Subjects: math

Grades: 4,5,6,7,8

Description: 40 MINUTES OF FUN with Order of Operations (mixed operations)! Practice solving order of operations and challenge your students with this fun BOOM cards math game! The perfect alternative to a math worksheet, this digital puzzle game will give students plenty of practice at solving order of operations problems (mixed operators). Captivate your class with these simple puzzles and engage even your most reluctant students in learning that is meaningful AND fun! Who said math had to be boring?! WHAT YOU GET: ----------------------------------------------------------- • 7 introduction puzzles teaching the game (with included audio narration) • 10 math puzzles that gradually get harder as students progress The game framework focusses on mastery - students must enter a correct sequence of answers to get the hero through the maze. Students will need to choose their path wisely because only the most efficient and accurate route will succeed! This digital BOOM deck is browser-based and auto-grading, so it is suitable for class, distance learning, and home school – simply send students a link and a fast pin to get them started. Have fun! P.S – If you like this game check out my other maths puzzles! 😊 Keywords: Order of Operations (mixed operations), 5th grade math, simple order of operations mixed operations, 6th grade simple order of operations, fun math challenge, 7th grade simple order of operations puzzle, math activity, simple order of operations puzzle