#1. Ours polaires - petit, Moyen, GRAND: comparaison de grandeur (FRENCH w/ Learning Card)

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by Kanuck Edventures

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Subjects: edtech,math,specialed,language

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: #1 Ours polaires - petit, Moyen, ou GRAND: FRENCH comparing sizes game with Learning/Review Card & AUDIO! #1: words 'petit', 'Moyen', and 'GRAND' are written in different sized fonts, for easier identification of sizes (beginner level). On this "Kanuck Edventure", fun will be had comparing 3 sizes of adorable Polar Bears. The first slide is a teaching slide with words & audio to help teach/review the concept of BIG, Medium and small. After reading and/or listening to the words, little 'edventurers' start playing by selecting the green check mark (next). All other slides in this 'edventure' progress to the next card automatically. Audio: Words can be heard on all slides by clicking/tapping the snowflake, as often as needed. *Please Note: also available in ENGLISH, look for '#1 Polar Bears - BIG, Medium, or small: Comparing Sizes' Great for learning or practicing math facts: anytime, anywhere (with internet access)!!! Use for: classroom, school, homework, review, home school, home-based or distance learning. ***Save More*** This deck is also available as part of a Discounted BUNDLE. Thanks for stopping by & happy edventuring!!!