Final Blends in Words | Final Blend Activity

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by Teaching Primary with Katelyn

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 1

Description: These final blend practice cards are JUST what you need for your students to improve their consonant blends knowledge! This is a set of 32 phonics cards aligned with the word decoding standards in Common Core. CHECK OUT MY BUNDLE before purchasing this stand alone! It's labelled CONSONANT BLENDS in WORDS BUNDLE and includes decks for L BLends, R Blends, S Blends, and Final Blends in words. The task cards in this set repeat the same 4 patterns, ensuring your students will understand the tasks throughout the entire set. Students will select the correct word to match each consonant blend picture, select the correct consonant blend to match the picture, select all of the consonant blends from a group of words, and choose a picture that matches the consonant blend. **Students can click on the directions to have them read aloud. Common Core Standards Covered: CCSS RF.1.2.B CHECK OUT my Phonics MEGA Bundle to find this in a MEGA BUNDLE with ALL of my phonics boom decks at 50% OFF! As always, contact me with any questions/concerns. Katelyn from Teaching Primary with Katelyn