Blend and Spell Harriet Tubman

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by Little River Speech Language & Literacy

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Subjects: speech,ela,phonologicalAwareness,reading,foundationalSkills,blackHistoryMonth,holiday

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: Set your students up for writing success by reviewing sound blending and spelling of these Harriet Tubman theme vocabulary words. Could be used in conjunction with a writing prompt such as "Who was Harriet Tubman?" Practice the phonological awareness blending skill and spell each word using a set of letter tiles. Each letter tile gives sound feedback to support phoneme-grapheme correspondence in this "noisy spelling" approach. Mixed number of phonemes between 3-6 Word set: 1. Under 2. Ground 3. Rail 4. Road 5. North 6. South 7. States 8. Equal 9. Escape 10. Freedom 11. Slavery BONUS: Spell Harriet Tubman with a limited set of tiles (with audio feedback) Aligns with a speech to print approach. The purpose is to expose students to content-specific vocabulary commonly used in classroom writing and demonstrate phoneme-grapheme correspondence.