Fun Fruity Rhythms - quarter eighths half rest sixteenths

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by Totally Tuned-in Teacher

Price: 300 points or $3 USD

Subjects: art

Grades: 2,3,4,5

Description: These 24 digital task cards on the BOOM Learning℠ website will help students practice and reinforce reading rhythm patterns including quarters, eighths, quarter rests, half, and sixteenth notes while having fun! Each card shows a 4 beat fruit pattern with pictures of different kinds of fruit to represent each rhythm. Slide 1 is a Key so that students can see which fruit stands for which rhythm. Students will see 4 plates representing 4 beats and must drag and drop the correct rhythms that match each fruit on the plate above. For example, plum, watermelon "sweet" would be (quarter, sixteenths, half note). * Remind students that half note takes up 2 beats (2 plates). Students will be engaged and excited to get immediate feedback while playing. They will know right away if they made the correct choice because these cards are self-grading! These digital task cards would be helpful for distance learning, especially in elementary music. They work great on a laptop, desktop, Chromebook, tablet, or any other mobile device that can access the internet. You must have access to the internet in order to use these cards. They can even be used on your Smart Board. They are self-grading and allow you to track student progress. Plus, they’re no prep which means no printing, laminating, or storage.